Score lower than ever before when you apply exceptional course management skills to your game.

This is an online course where you get lifetime access to over 90 minutes and 15 lessons filmed on the golf course.

You can expect to save shots every time you play from now on.  You’ll be able to make good decisions and that match your ability against different situations on the golf course.

Lower scores even without changing the way you swing the club.

  • Rate your shot choices using the Traffic Light principle.

  • Apply the 70% Rule applies to your shot decision making.

  • Know how to make decisions on tee shots, approach shots, short game shots, putting and trouble shots.

  • Save even more shots with mental strategies to support your course management skills.

I’m like you and have wasted shots on the first few holes of a round, only to make the rest of the round seem like a grind.  It also really reduces the enjoyment I get from playing.  On the other hand, making good decisions and being able to score reasonably well even when I don’t have my ‘A’ game is extremely satisfying.  On those days when everything clicks … well, they are the days that end too soon. 


Peter is a tremendous coach. He understands the technical, mental, and physical aspects of golf. He is very detailed oriented and passionate about golf.

Justin Poynter - golf professional

Peter is one of four Master Professional's within the PGA of Australia and his highly regarded and respected by his peers and clients.

Gavin Kirkman - PGA of Australia

Peter is a very talented coach and communicator. He has a very wholistic approach and achieves fantastic results.

Jessica Parker

Your Coach: Peter Knight

Peter has been coaching for almost 40 years and in that time has coached international teams, state teams and professionals making a living playing the game.  We’ve all made the mistakes he works through on this Smarter Golf Strategy course.  He is also a Master Professional with the PGA of Australia (one of only four in Australia). 

His day to day coaching involves helping people just like you to become more skilful and gain more enjoyment from playing golf.

He’d like you to become one of those people.

Course Price

Price $49.00

Not only will you receive lifetime access to this course, you will also receive new resources I add to the course at no extra charge, even if the price of the course increases in the future.

To launch the course, I am offering a limited time price of $29.00, which expires on December 13th, 2019.

Money-back guarantee

If for any reason you watch the videos and apply what you learn on the course and find that the information didn’t work for you, or you are unsatisfied with the content of the course, then you will receive a 100% refund.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity of improving your golf, especially at the launch offer price.

Strategy Lessons

Here are the golf strategy principles used by highly skilled players to help them shoot low scores. Then apply those same principles yourself to achieve your own personal best.

  • 1

    Smarter Golf Strategy Introduction

    • Course Introduction

  • 3

    Golf Strategy Course

  • 4

    Taking it to the course

    • Yarra Bend 1st hole

    • Yarra Bend 3rd hole

    • Yarra Bend 5th hole

    • Yarra Bend 8th hole

    • Yarra Bend 9th hole

    • Yarra Bend 15th hole

    • Yarra Bend 16th hole

  • 5


    • Strategies conclusion

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    • What's Next


Instantly improve your smarter golf strategy